About Us

Founded in 1918, Superior Printing Ink Co., Inc. has become a name synonymous with quality, consistency, and with a reputation for exceptional customer service.

Through four generations, Superior proudly remains a family owned and operated American business. This continuity of ownership and leadership is key to Superior’s success, providing a solid foundation on which the company continues to build. Superior’s growth now extends to sixteen (16) manufacturing branches, two wholly owned subsidiaries (Gotham Ink Corporation and Spinks Ink), and fifteen (15) in-plant customer service locations. Superior employs over 200, all devoted to maintaining the company’s reputation for outstanding quality and service.

Superior is the largest ink company in the United States whose primary focus is lithographic sheet fed inks for commercial printers. The Gotham Ink Corporation subsidiary supplies flexographic and gravure inks. Superior also manufactures vehicles for printing inks, as well as overprint varnishes and press side ink additives.

The company’s Corporate Headquarters in Teterboro, New Jersey serves as the home for Superior’s Corporate Laboratory. This facility supports product development and analysis by combining the Oil-Based and Energy-Curable Ink Groups and specialized Varnish Development under one roof, working alongside Superior’s Corporate Technical Service and Color Technology Groups. This base of knowledge, in conjunction with our localized laboratory facilities on the branch level continue to exemplify Superior’s strong commitment to both technology and customer service.

Superior maintains our Central Manufacturing Facility (CMF1) in Hamden, Connecticut and has achieved certification under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. The company first obtained ISO 9000 certification for CMF1 in July of 1999. Periodic audits by Bureau Veritas Quality International (N.A.) have resulted in continuous renewal of Superior’s ISO certification for this ink manufacturing facility. This latest certification upgrade exemplifies Superior’s commitment to producing the best quality product and maintaining the highest standards of technical and customer service to the graphics communications industry.

With the construction of a 12,000 square foot varnish manufacturing plant adjacent to the Central Manufacturing Facility, Superior has streamlined its level of automation and efficiency in the manufacture of lithographic inks.

Superior’s Customer Service Center serves as the company’s warehouse and distribution facility providing a support network to distribute finished ink, mixing bases and other items throughout the United States and the world.

Superior has always maintained an active role in the Graphic Arts industry and continues to sit on a variety of industry boards and committees (NAPIM, NAPL, GATF/PIA, CIP4, and GRACOL). Each of our 16 branch locations are aligned with the local “Printing Craftsman Club” to assist in ink education and stay abreast of the latest in printing technologies.