Biolocity, Elite, and Evolution inks are among the most technologically advanced lines of sheetfed process inks available today. These vegetable oil based inks have earned an industry wide reputation for their outstanding press performance, forgiving nature, consistently accurate color reproduction, and low volatile organic content.

Mixing Inks
Superior manufactures a vast array of PANTONE® Basic Mixing Inks for almost every application. Fully pigmented for rich, vibrant colors, these high performance mixing bases consistently deliver quick setting and fast drying speeds for today’s printers.

Sheetfed Waterless Inks
Super Tech, America’s most technologically advanced line of waterless process inks, is currently available in 6 standard formulations. These inks deliver the widest optimal print performance temperature range available, making them the most versatile waterless inks on the market.

UV Inks
Welcome to Superior’s latest advancement in graphics arts technology! We invite you to join us, as we review our new line of UV ink systems, and learn how they can benefit you!

Overprint Varnishes
Overprint varnishes are the most popular coatings used by lithographic printers today. Superior’s state-of-the-art varnish manufacturing plant enables us to produce varnishes of the highest quality and consistency.