100% Solids Process

100% Solids process inks were developed specifically for use on non-absorbent substrates such as foils, acetates and plastics and are formulated with a unique vehicle system that sets by oxidation on the substrate.

100% Solids flexible formulation allows our ink technicians to custom mix the ink for the particular characteristics of your non-absorbent substrate to ensure the most trouble-free printing possible. Where extra rub resistance is required, varnishing is recommended.

Although 100% Solids inks set faster and dry harder on non-absorbent substrates, we recommend the use of W-1600 Drying Stimulator and W-1401 Liquid Fountain Additive in conjunction with these inks to ensure proper drying.

100% Solids is available in both Coatable and Coatable Fade-Resistant1 versions, Superior also offers high strength PANTONE® blending bases.