Energy Curable

Superior Printing Ink is an industry leader in the manufacture of energy curable sheetfed offset printing ink.  We offer a variety of process color products to suit the varied needs of the printer.

  • Our Super-Cure Process set is a full UV system for those looking for fast cure response, high gloss and excellent scuff resistance.
  • Inter-Cure is our hybrid UV system that can be used on conventional printing presses without having to change blankets or roller-trains.
  • The Plastik-Cure set is optimal for printing on a variety of non-absorbent stocks.

We also offer two liquid ink lines for narrow web presses.

  • Our Flex-Cure line is a full UV system with all of the benefits of Super-Cure for flexographic press use.
  • The Cat-Cure system uses cationic chemistry to adhere to even the most difficult of Non-absorbent stock.

In addition to the standard f our-color process sets, each system is available in fade-resistant, coatable, or Pantone® blending colors.