After 40 years of service, Harvey R. Brice was promoted to Managing Director.
After 17 years of service, Michael R. Brice was promoted to President & Chief Operating Officer.
Covar Corporation became the Newark branch.
Gotham Ink and Color Company of New York and Gotham Ink of New England merged to become Gotham Ink Corporation.
Superior began implementation of a five year business plan emphasizing strong focus on employee recruitment, hiring, training, and retention; development of new products and services; and continual, but sensible, investment in support operations offset by a carefully managed plan of cost containment. As part of this business plan, Superior established a second Central Manufacturing Facility (CMF 2) sharing space with the Marlboro, Massachusetts branch. The new CMF 2 took over the manufacturing of metallics, UV, heatset, rotary inks, and intermediates.
In July the Marlboro branch moved to Mansfield, Massachusetts and CMF 2 took over the entire Marlboro facility.
In October, Superior accomplished three major goals of its business plan with the acquisition of 800 Sherman Avenue, in Hamden, CT. This facility became home to the Warehouse and Distribution Center (WDC), the new National Customer Service Center (NCSC), and the Wallingford, CT branch which was renamed as the Hamden branch.